James Giacinto LMT



Changes In Body into Mind - From the inside Out

" Maintaining a healthy physical and emotional life and  finding a good support system can sometimes be difficult in the frenetic energy of the city. Unfortunately, itcan be a frustrating process dealing with the health care system and especially finding the right body worker for treatments.  

 I understandthe struggles of trying to stay hopeful  from the relief of pain and stress. This is why I became a massage therapist- I wanted to give treatments to a  persons"whole" self with real hands on, deep work with specific treatments (not just one technique ie., "Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Active Release etc.), while being sensitive to the emotional and physical life experiences of each person.

 Fortunately, I have seen the positive changes that can happen when a patient feels cared for and the practitioners experience, knowledge and passion help to relieve layers of stuck stress held in the body. By releasing tissue adhesions and muscle restrictions we  free up movement and change structural patterns. As we change these patterns in the physical (postural dysfunction) , often our mental (worry) and emotional ( fear and anxiety) start to change. This type of physical release work (whether through exercise or therapy)  invites a place for "space" mentally for new changes in thoughts (and perhaps in life). I notice the pattern in my work that the more we nurture ourselves , the more things seem to fall in place.

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James Giacinto